Dev Jam 2015

Another year another Dev Jam. Just want to give a massive cheers to everyone involved especially to Rob who always works hard and provided the tunes all day. Big up to Will Lester who absolutely smashed it all day, highlight was a massive nollie hardflip down the big three which is no doubt going around instagram somewhere, PROPS! See below for just a highlight of the days antics

Will Lester - Kickflip to flat - Dev Jam 2015Will Lester – Huge Kickflip



Matlok - Carving - Dev Jam 2015Matlok Carving round the huge cockmaster corner
Matlok - Bk Smith - Dev Jam 2015Matlok – Back smith


Jerome & Matlok - Ollie - Dev Jam 2015Jerome and Matlok with a bit of doubles action.
Benihana - Dev Jam 2015I don’t know who this is but yeah nice Benihana, props whoever you are.


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